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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 2, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. we know what you did. we have pictures of it. >> caught on tape. a burglary. despite the evidence, the police have done nothing. plus anny's holiday weekend's dog walking weather. and not buying it. a mother's anguish over what she says is a flawed police report in the death of her son. this is 9news now. and there is still no closure tonight for a distraught mother on a qwest for justice in her son's death. >> it was in late july that
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22-year-old kevin fallaley was found dead in the bottom of the pool. the police have put out a report but the mother says there must be some mistake. here is ken molestina. >> they said the death was drowning by accident. >> reporter: but this mother isn't buy ing it. her son, 22-year-old kevin was found dead at the bottom of this pool. according to her, the young man was at a pool party with friends. however, she says he didn't know how to swim and she doesn't believe he went into the water willingly. >> reporter: she's calling a question the events that led up to her son ending up in the bottom of the pool. the first group of rescuers responded to the call were turned away. it wasn't until an hour later that his lifeless body was brought up. >> what happened before the 911
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and ems arrived. and by the time they were on the scene, why didn't the person call back 911. bring the attention before that. he's dead. he's dead so that he could be saved. and they left him there for an hour. >> reporter: you don't think this could have been an accident. >> i don't think so. i don't think so. >> reporter: now she's hoping someone will step forward with a tip that could help her find the closure she's looking for. >> if anybody can give us any information after what happened, anybody who was there who saw something. >> reporter: and if that tip the mother is looking for comes through and leads to a conviction, she says she's prepared to offer $10,000 as a reward. >> so we should call the prince george's county. >> that's what she's saying. >> all right. we appreciate it. tonight a big decision in the lululemon murder case. a judge has ruled prosecutors can present in evidence nearly every statement brittany norwood made to police before she was
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charged with murder. norwood should have been told she had the right to remain silent but prosecutors countered by saying she talked with police five times before she was charged as a crime. shes accused of -- she is accused of killing jayna murray and trying to cover it up as a crime scene. there is now a person of interest in the murder of 20-year-old christopher cummings. the nephew of a congressman. he attended old dominion university and somebody shot and killed him last june. police have obtained a search warrant. he is a person of interest because he was involved in an incident at cummings just haurz about the -- cummings apartment just before he was shot to death. if thieves haven't been caught in real life, they will
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on the tv. >> saint martin's 1956. gonzaga 1960. >> reporter: charlie thomas, only former wives and tv reporters call him charles love anacostia. left it only for the air force academy, vietnam three decades in the military. >> and i came back because this is where i wanted to be. >> reporter: even though he knows the neighborhood is rocky, put in a security camera and while he was at a church. >> he's going to make siz knock on the door. -- his knock on the door. he don't even pretend to knock on the door. >> reporter: three kids caught on tape. >> they're getting ready to get a cooler right now. there is something in it. >> reporter: clear images. >> this one's name is bubba. >> reporter: so you know who he is it? >> i know who he is, yes. >> reporter: police came, he gave a copy of the tape to officers at the 7th district. in march nothing. >> i'm a firm believer that my
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home is my castle. don't come to my house. don't come to my house. >> reporter: we've got images of the guys who did this. you say you know who they are. >> i rest my case, my friend. i rest my case. >> reporter: but what does this tell you about the police department? >> he tried desperately to get me in trouble. he's trying desperately to get me in trouble. that's what reporters do. >> reporter: i just would like to know what you would like to see done and what your reactione those kids have the stuffing scared out of them. okay. >> reporter: in his beloved anacostia. and nobody has been arrested? >> as far as we know, no. >> reporter: does that make you a little nuts. >> yes. it's dc. it's the war. it's war in district seven. >> reporter: well, we asked the police this evening for a
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response. but at the beginning of the holiday weekend, a department representative was unable to get the necessary information. but just moments ago e-mailed to say the department is looking into it and promised the department will follow up. >> that's good to hear. what was in the cooler? you know, he knows it's the biggest crime of the century. the cooler is filled with beer and some other things were taken from the porch. he's so upset that after six months, nothing appears to have happened. >> not at all. again, investigation. the kids are on tape. okay. gary nurenberg, thank you. >> okay. a 24-year-old virginia resident is under arrest accused of helping produce a video for a tearist group in pakistan. a pakistani native was arrested today in woodbridge. according to court documents, he produced an up loaded a video on youtube. the five minute video showed armored trucks exploding. he faces up to 23 years in prison if convicted. we have a health alert from montgomery county.
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they're warning people about two cases of measles. they involve two unvaccinated children. before the symptoms showed up, the kids visited the suburban washington settlement center. anybody that thinks they might have been exposed there should call their doctor. a half dozen neighbors are sleepless tonight in virginia. vdot has routed the new hot lane beltway traffic within a few feet of their bedrooms and there is no sound barrier. neighbors say it's pretty tough dealing with all of that noise. >> the worst thing is to be completely helpless when she aches wakes up in the middle of the -- wakes up in the middle of the night telling her everything is going to be okay but it's not. >> the spokesperson says they would have preferred to install the sound panels before they opened the lanes but they got off schedule and they can't hold up the whole project. the neighbors will have to put up with the noise for at least another 60 days. well, somebody broke into an
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art gallery owned by kris cooley. this one happened overnight in leesburg. police got a call this morning about some smashed glass on the gallery down on south king street. >> at first i thought all the pottery was going to be destroyed and everything was really stressed. and so it's actually kind of a relief to have nothing destroyed but just our register and all of our computer software was stolen. >> christy cooley says the cameras and surveillance equipment will be added before the art gallery opens again. the thief did $3,500 worth of damage. two other businesses were vandalized and they're trying to figure out whether the incidents are all related. ahead, an unbelievable disturbance in court today. wait until you see what the teenager did in front of the judge. the melee that cancelled a youth football game. but check out these fireworks behind the capital. it's a show following tonight's
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national's baseball game. brett will have game highlights for you in sports. stay with us.
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the federal government is suing the country's biggest banks. this for violating federal and
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state laws in home mortgage back securities. the collapse of these securities helped fuel the financial crisis that hit us in 2008. among these institutions targeted in the lawsuit are bank of america, citigroup, j-p morgan chase and goldman sachs. dismal does not even describe the -- instead it's fueling fears we're headed for another recession. president obama will address a joint session of congress next thursday to unveil his plan to put america back to work. but derek worried there may not be much even a president can do to get us out of this one. >> anita, i had a long talk with dr. james huntington, a college professor with some really scary ideas. his new book is called works new age. and he says the recession really did end a couple of years ago and this is merely the new
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normal. a combination of technology and jobs shifting off shore means that even if demand for goods goes up, the demand for workers does not. at least not by much. in other words, he says we no longer need all of us to make enough stuff for all of us. is he right? we do know it's rarely been this bad for this long. 7 million still out of work. there are still nearly five job seekers for every job opening. and then, of course, there is the fact that our last two economic booms, technology, then real estate, were, in fact, debt fuel bubbles that popped. and even the word layoff with which used to mean a temporary vacation nowadays we know that job is most often gone for good. so let's be real. can the president fix this? huntington says no. i'm going to say no time soon and hope we're both wrong. anita. >> absolutely. there is controversy su
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fund. it's a pot funded by private donors for you. whether it's for emergency or rek ration. the -- recreation. they accuse ten council members of doing just that. it amounts to $50,000 donated over a ten-year period. it's not about how little was donated. >> $1 is too much. we -- all we want is our council members to follow the law. and the law is very clear that she shouldn't give money to political organizations. >> you have to really get underneath this. i think it's a kind of a cheap shot simply to say that it went to x entity. you have to find out what it went for. >> they're calling for an investigation by the dc office of campaign finance. an audit shows the irs let undocumented workers collect $4 billion in refundable tax credit last year. the audit concludes that federal
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law is ambiguous on whether undocumented workers qualify for a tax break and the irs says it does not have the authority to refuse the claim. a judge in florida is considering whether casey anthony should pay the cost of the investigation into the disappearance of her 2-year-old daughter caylee. anthony was acquitted of murder charges but she was convicted of lying to police when she said the child had been kidnapped. government agencies that investigated the case have filed expense reports totaling more than a half million dollars. caught on tape, a brawl at a youth football game. the referee says he was just doing his job when the mob jumped him. the coaches and players from the sarasota gators team were upset with the call and then there was the decision to end the game. and emotions just got out of hand. three coaches and one 14-year-old was actually charged. >> the referee is getting ready to coach another game this weekend. and disrespect caught on
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tape in tyler, texas. a teen suspect decides for reasons nobody understands to relieve himself in front of everyone. the judge, attorneys, jury, even the camera. his name is corey webb. he's 17 years old and he was on trial for trying to shoot an officer at his detention center. he pleaded guilty to the charges. his grandmother was outraged and said he must be crazy. well, there is a saying in the news business and it goes like this. dog bites man, that's not news. man bites dog, that is news. let's go one better. how about man bites snake. police have arrested a man in sacramento on suspension of mute lating a reptile. they say he took two bites out of his snake for reasons we don't know. the vet says the python lost a couple of ribs. didn't know they had ribs. apparently they do. after life saving surgery, apparently she's going to be just fine. >> okay. people along the gulf coast are in for a very wet and windy
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holiday weekend. tropical storm lee is headed there bringing powerful winds and huge amounts of rain. they're filling sandbags along the coast. nonetheless, flooding is expected in low lying areas. engineers are closely watching the levees that protect new orleans. all right, anny. lots going on. >> yes. lee looks like it's so slow moving that it may not arrive until sunday morning. >> okay. >> and it's just going to stick around sand drop lotsz and lots of rain. -- lots and lots of rain. we're watching katia also. it's going to be an active weekend for those in the gulf coast. lee 45 miles an hour right now gusting up to 60. and right now lee is moving very slowly north at four miles an hour, which just means it's just crawling along. and that is why we're so concerned about flash flooding. it looks like lee could be arriving on shore into southern louisiana by early sunday morning and it's just going to
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stick around for days potentially dropping maybe up to 15, 20 inches of rain over the next four days in places along louisiana, alabama and mississippi. so it's going to be a potential mess for those folks along the gulf coast. also watching hurricane katia. right now it's still a category one moving northwest at around 11 miles an hour. our forecast models show it inching farther out to the west instead of heading north and east. so still a little too early and we're uncertain if this impact will land in the u.s.. but we're getting a little more concerned with the latest models. right now temperatures around town another nice night. 73 in downtown. 70 for manassas and 72 up north in martinsburg. still a coastal flooding advisory in effect until 4:00 tomorrow morning. tides about one foot above normal are expected so watch for minor flooding out towards the bay and low lying areas. our satellite radar showing us we have high pressure moving off
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the coast and a couple disturbances potentially. hot and humid for the weekend. saturdays thunderstorms especially west. sunday more storms around the dc-metro area. monday storms are likely and it will be cooler. oh, yes. you're going to feel things get cool. especially in the next seven-day forecast. a couple showers are possible generally overnight in the western parts of the area. and then those showers will probably stick around to the mountain areas for saturday and then on sunday become a little more numerous. for most folks on saturday, it will be dry. overnight expecting partly to mostly cloudy conditions and cool. tomorrow morning not a nice bad morning to be out. temperatures in the 60s. partly to mostly cloudy. afternoons fairly nice with some showers and storms to the west. highs will be warmer. upper 80s for downtown. 87 in gaithersburg. fredericksburg in the mid 80s. here is a look at how your seven days are looking. we talk about warming up through sunday and then on monday, labor day, we're cooling down with
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more showers and storms likely. and they tuesday, wednesday cool in the mid 70s with showers with the gulf moisture coming this way. i've got a special guest here. a dog walking forecast for saturday. not too bad. he says upper 80s. here is mochi. on sunday a little warmer with more showers and storms and then on monday, labor day, looking to be quite stormy. so it looks like mochi is saying the best day to take him out or pet dogs out will be saturday where it's the least stormy. not too bad. monday, though, is looking to be a little tougher. i think for the barbecues, you may have to bring inside until the storms pass through. >> i have a black lab that has to get out every day. [ laughing ] >> i don't want her to fall off the table. >> it's very slippery. >> all right. >> get over here. we'll do the sports together. she is going to step on your clicker. okay. moving on. >> nine days to go and the quarterback mystery continues. speaking of dogs, is john beck
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going to have this job? that's a terrible segue about an athlete. plus it's friday, it's september, and that means the return of high school football. our game night report makes its season debut. here mochi. mochi. [ laughing ]
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> perhaps by next sunday at 12:50 when they run out of the tunnel, we'll know who the quarterback is. nine days until the opener, we still have no clue. it was john beck who played the first half last night while rex grossman stayed on the bench. a lot of people reading that. but mike shanahan insists it was just to get beck more reps since he missed the pre-season opener. beck wasn't very good. 108 yards and a pick. but the jury is still deliberating. and not just for the quarterbacks. tomorrow is decision day for all the redskins player on the bubble. the team roster must be cut from 80 down to 53. veterans like mike sellers and hb blades are going to have a
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restless night of sleep tonight. baseball this evening, nats opening the weekend set against the mets. that is david wright second best third baseman in the national league after ryan zimmerman. the nets hit as they beat the nats 7-3. u.s. open tonight, a couple of guys from nebraska out on ash this evening. andy roddic and jack sock and the 29-year-old took care of the 18-year-old. roddick outside the first 20. he wins in straight sets. holbrooke out this afternoon. we will take a quick pause right here. but when we come back, school is back in. our first fall edition of the game night report. high school football is back. we'll take you end to end across the dmv and it starts right after this. ♪
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now the toyota report. >> that's our new theme song. hope you like it. hard to believe september has arrived, and that means the first edition of our game night report. and we start out in ash burn, virginia, with two fierce rivals that came together tonight. they made tonight's game a benefit for former spartan who got beaten and remains in a coma. they wore white to show their support. and then they got down to business. briarwood going for the end zone
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but he gets picked by jenkins. shortly thereafter, briarwood returned the favor. matt roland swiping one. the two defenses staying dingy but broadrun would get the pass. spartans win it 14-0. >> our defense played great today. our offense made plays. when they made plays, the whole line did a fantastic job. it was a great environment for a great cause. >> we're the cheerleaders of the week on the toyota game night report. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. thanks to the ladies of lake braddic. and they were cheering for this. that would be their only touchdown of the night at lake braddick. the wild cats stretching one to the outside. just gets the pylon with his
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helmet as centreville prevails 23-8. mckinley. this is quarterback washington. pulls it down. going to keep it his own self. seven yards across the line. spotting the rams to the lead. then suitland to the red zone again. this time washington gives it to squire. does score. and they beat mckinley 39-0. now, if you think high school football is a big deal around here, and it is, head down to florida and you'll see the makings of a religion. and that is how good counsel opened their night. they welcomed the hurricanes tonight. this is leon allen. direct snap into the score. ties the game at seven. but later in the third marschall little inward slant to harner. good for 17. and that set up the score as
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good counsel. plays unfriendly host. taking the game 24-17. the entire student body zipped themselves in hi-c. 50 yards on the play but they wouldn't score. quinn orchard would. second effort here from mark green. cougars over the warriors 23-6 of and if you didn't see your game tonight, you can always log on to our that is going to do it for us tonight. don't forget you can see the report every friday at 11. i'm brett haber. have a good weekend. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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